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Your Darkshines....
....bringing me down
So yesterday didn't go to well...my 'friend' didn't bother being… 
22nd-Sep-2008 04:40 pm
Cedric Omar wall

So yesterday didn't go to well...my 'friend' didn't bother being organised enough to catch the train with me to the city for Badlands, so she missed it and bailed out. So I was on my own the whiole day, which sucked, especially since practically everyone there was with a mate. It was so awkward because there were 20 minute breaks between bands while they set up their equipment, and I didn't have any one to chat to or get a beer with. Mostly just hung on the barrier watching things get set up, checking out the guitars and pedalboards...and checking out a certain stagehand/roadie who looked like he really should have been in The Mars Volta ;) Spitting image of Cedric, couldn't stop doing the once-over, multiple times haha. Really had that stern Mexican brooding look, mmm ;)

He was helping out on the upper level stage for the night, and I almost didn't want to go downstairs and catch Dead Letter Circus there. I wonder if he always works at Manning bar, or if he was just hired to help out for the night... wouldn't mind taking another look at him, hehe.

Overall the day was pretty good, and I'm glad I didn't turn around and go home once my 'mate' ditched me. I didn't stay for Cog and Kisschasy, because...I don't like them much =P Plus I had to catch a train a bit earlier because I didn't want to get home too late and get only a couple hours of sleep before I had to come all the way back to uni the next morning.

On a different topic...I wear my heart on my sleeve way too much. I'm such an open book. Especially on those damn social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook...I feel like I'm competing against those people who have like 300+ friends and a million photos of all the brilliant nights out they've had. I don't know why I bother. I'm not like that. I don't want to be like that, or appear to other people to be like that, and that shallow. So I'm currently going through my photos and deleting most of them. And at some point I'm going to go through my friends list and delete everyone who isn't more than an acquaintence to me...why are they 'friends'? They barely know me, we never meet up, they never comment, never message me (actually, don't even have my number), or contact me in any way whatsoever. Yet they're listed as 'friends'? At the very beginning, I only friended people I knew so that I could see their photos, find out more about them etc, but now I just don't care. I use Myspace and Facebook way too much  Someone was complaining about massive Facebook friends list once, saying that all they did is shake hands with somebody and remember their name. So true. No offence, but you're not my friends. Nothing will ever come out of this Myspace/Facebook friend request. You will never call me for advice, you will never invite me out, you will never need my shoulder to cry on, and you will never help me out if things get tough for me. You are not my friend. You are someone I was once acquainted with. I know your face and I know your name, nothing else.

And I also read someone say 'I only ever go on Myspace to see how all my old friends have changed'. Recently I've been accepting a lot of friend requests from people at one of my primary schools, who I haven't seen or heard from in ten years. We were, what, 8 or 9 years old the last time we saw/spoke to each other? We're not the same people anymore. Yes, there's a MOMENT of pleasant surprise when you see a name of someone you once vaguely knew at school - oh it's been so long, great to hear from you again, how are you, bye. And that's it. That's all that ever happens! Nothing more ever comes of it. We've all grown in such different directions since then, and I've moved on from that stage of my life. I have no need to be connected to my 8-year-old self.

Yeah. So I'm going to go finish deleting my photos, and then essentially disintegrate my friends list.

Feels somewhat refreshing, to be honest.

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