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OMFG my tattoo is so goddamn itchy. Equivalent to the worst… 
20th-Sep-2008 10:21 pm

OMFG my tattoo is so goddamn itchy. Equivalent to the worst mosquito bite I've ever had. ARGH. And it's been like this for about 2 or 3 days now, even though I keep applying Savlon like I was told to (and it's also used for itchy insect bites, but it's not helping much there).

I was worrying that I might perhaps be allergic to the ink, even though I'm not allergic to ANYTHING (that I know of...I only have a slight intolerance to kiwi fruit in that it gives me headaches) - I can wear cheap jewellery and my skin's fine with it. But I don't think it is an allergy, because the skin's not red or swollen. Just itchy. I found this bit of healing advice which says:
"As the scabs come off, the skin will be itchy, dry, and kind of shiny. This usually happens after a week, but we are all different so healing times will very. Also, the better you take care of it, and the less you screw around with it, the faster it will heal. Keep using lotion until it again looks and fells like normal skin, which usually takes about a month. At that time, more work can be done in the area, and you can get a touch up if you need one."

So I'm not worrying too much now. I'm just impatient for it to stop itching so much! I don't know if I've ruined it...I started picking the scab off on Wednesday...well, bits had already naturally started coming off, so I picked at the rest...and now I really wish I hadn't. The right spiral seems a couple shades lighter than the others, but I don't if that's because there's that 'dry, kind of shiny' layer of skin over it, because it was that part which had the thickest part of scab. Sorry for the gory details. I hope it'll even up once it's all healed and the skin is 'normal'. If not, I'll go back to the tattoo parlour and ask what I should do, or if I should get a touch up. I still love the tattoo though, and am so glad I got it done. I'm already thinking about getting another one ;)

Another update, I've been vegetarian for 3 weeks now! And it's been really easy. I don't feel any different, healthwise, but I feel happier with myself in doing this. I can't remember if I said this in my last entry, but I think these things I'm doing are part of identity-searching-ness...going vegetarian, getting the tattoo. But they've been good things, and have completed another little part of me.

I'm going to the Badlands Festival at my uni bar tomorrow, should be good...

Regular John
Sleep Parade
Hell City Glamours
Dead Letter Circus
Violent Soho
Fifty Six
Horsell Common
The Hot Lies
Trial Kennedy
After The Fall

=]  And BATTLE CIRCUS on October 3rd! I've been in love with them since I found out about them around Dec/Jan time, can't wait to see them. And also hopefully The Butterfly Effect on Oct 23rd.

What I learnt at work today: it's impossible to say this sentence to someone else, with a straight face:


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