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Your Darkshines....
....bringing me down
15th-Aug-2008 03:35 pm
Cedric Omar wall

I'm really feeling an itch to GET OUT and travel. Or to move on, or something. Last night I was entertaining the idea of moving out and living closer to uni, but after about two hours of searching for accommodation, I realised that I simply can't afford to leave home any time soon. My parents said that I can live at home for free as long as I'm studying, which is great. And once I get a full-time job and can support myself, I either have to pay board, or get a place of my own.

So I guess I'll be at home for a while yet. The very, very vague plan floating around in my head is to live at home and carry on with uni until my 4-year bachelor's degree + honours year is up. That'll be... end of 2012. I'll be 22. Then I intend to take a gap year and travel the world, and then come back and probably do my 2 year post-grad degree to become a registered psychologist.

But I'm really itching to travel. Every year, I have ALL of December, January and February off. Three whole months. Sometimes I think I should just buy a plane ticket to America and go on a massive roadtip across all the states. Or should I save it for the gap year? What I want to do is save up a load of money before I go, and then get some work in English-speaking countries, to use on the next stage of my trip. e.g go and work for a while in New Zealand, then go to Japan, China, then go to various countries in Europe. I speak German, so I could maybe get a job in Germany, and then travel Russia, France, Spain, Italy etc.

I'd love to go with a bunch of friends. If I had any. Well, I have friends, but not real soul-friends, not lifelong friends. Old friends from school don't go out much, they have no zest for life. They wouldn't be able to cope with dirty accomodation and long days, and they aren't open-minded enough to just let things happen. And there's no way I'd travel on my own. Besides getting kidnapped and raped, I wouldn't want to go alone because it'd be so much more boring than experiencing new things with best friends.

Maybe I should look for volunteering projects for the summer, there's usually a bunch of flyers for that kind of thing hanging around at uni. I'd love to do something proactive in places like India or Indonesia, or South America.

I don't want to leave things too late, and see life's opportunities fly by when I'm finished with uni and sat down at my 9 to 5 job, in a squeaky chair under fluorescent lighting. That's such a horrible image to me. I don't ever want my life to reach such a dead end.

I envy bands a lot when they do their world tours. They get to see so much of the world, whilst doing what they love with their closest friends. Despite the ups and downs, I'm sure it must be an amazing experience to live that way.

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