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Your Darkshines....
....bringing me down
5th-Aug-2008 10:36 pm
Lost Cedric...

Second week back at uni... I'm no longer as miserable and depressed as I was last semester, which is a plus. I still don't have any friends there, but it's more tolerable now, seeing as I only have one break in the whole week's timetable - two hours between classes on Wednesdays. Every other day is straight in and out - get to uni, attend lecture/s, go home. Which is good. I'm finished by 12pm every day apart from tomorrow, which drags on until 4pm.

I've got two tutorials tomorrow... oh man. I hope it won't be awkward. Farrrk. I'm not in the mood to be confident and happy-go-lucky on-top-of-the-world miss popular let's-be-friends. I really wish I could meet a 'perfect' friend, someone who I have instant rapport with. Oh well. Time will tell.

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