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Your Darkshines....
....bringing me down
Muse Obsession Survey 
1st-Aug-2008 01:15 pm
Purple Space
Copy and pasted from when I recently saw this on ebonystar's journal, and obviously couldn't resist the urge to fill it out myself ;)

Muse Obsession Survey

The Songs

What is your favourite album?: Absolution

Why?: The songs flow perfectly into each other. I think the majority of my overall 'favourite' songs are actually on Origin of Symmetry, but then again there's also some on there that I skip every time. Absolution is the one album where I love every single song, and they fit together flawlessly. Origin of Symmetry sounds a bit disjointed, more like "here are the best songs (they really ARE awesome) thrown together on one CD'. I'm a big one for concept / story albums that flow  =P

What is your favourite album artwork?: Absolution

Why?: The concept behind it is really interesting, with the guy looking up thinking 'what did I do wrong, that I've been left behind?'. The whole apocalyptic theme of the album really interests me.

Do you own Showbiz?: Yes

Do you own Origin of Symmetry?: Yes

Do you own the Hullabaloo Soundtrack?: Yes

Do you own Absolution?: Yes

Do you own Black Holes and Revelations?: Yes

Do you own any of the French box sets?: No. I prefer to collect music rather than packaging.

Which ones?: None.

Do you collect the singles?: No. I already have the songs from the album...

Which ones do you have?: Sing for Absolution (which was my very first Muse purchase, back in 2003 I think), Sing For Absolution DVD (I wanted the Big Day 'Off' footage...).

Do you have the Muse and Muscle Museum EPs?: I have the music, if you catch my drift...

Do you own the Hullabaloo DVD or VHS?: DVD, yes.

Do you own the Absolution Tour DVD?: Yes

Do you collect the vinyls?: No

Do you collect the single and album DVDs?: Sometimes, if I feel it's worth it

Do you remember MuseTV?: I wasn't a fan yet when it was active, but I've seen the clips

What is your favourite song and video on Showbiz?: Favourite song, Sunburn. Video, also Sunburn.

What is your favourite song and video on Origin of Symmetry?: Song: Darkshines. Video: Bliss.

What is your favourite song and video on Hullabaloo Soundtrack?: Song: Hyper Chondriac Music. Video: Dead Star

What is your favourite song and video on Absolution?: Song: Hysteria. Video: Time Is Running Out.

What is your favourite song and video on Black Holes and Revelations?: Song: Map Of The Problematique. Video: Supermassive Black Hole 

What is your favourite B-side?: Easily or Host...

What is your favourite song live?: Hysteria with the bass grinding through your bones, and the guitar solo is always brilliant to hear / feel live

What is your favourite bonus track?: FURY

What is your favourite song overall?: FURY

Muse Live

Have you seen Muse live?: YES

When and where?: 23rd January 2007 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney. 24th January 2007 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney. 17th November 2007 - Sydney Entertainment Centre.

How far have you travelled to see Muse?: about 50km

How far would you travel to see Muse?: about 5 hours max if I was desperate. But they always play Sydney when they come to Australia anyway.

How much money have you spent to see Muse?: Let me count the tickets on my wall, hmm... $261.90 in tickets. That's not including ticktet booking fee, trains and taxis. Add about another $50 to that.

How much money would you spend to see Muse?: I'd pay whatever the ticket costs. There's no way I wouldn't go to a gig that is within physical distance, and just sitting at home on the night of the gig wishing I'd bitten the bullet and just forked out the $100 or so. What else am I going to spend it on anyway? All my money is gig money.

Which tour was your favourite so far?: Origin of Symmetry, although I've only ever been to Black Holes gigs.

Is it better to see them in a small or huge venue?: SMALL, definitely!

Which tour had the best stage and light show?: Black Holes & Revelations

Have you ever seen them in a private gig?: No

The Members

Who is the best: Matt, Dom or Chris?: They're all great :)

Who is the most attractive: Matt,Dom, or Chris?: I have a strange, fangirlish attraction to Matt

Who is the most talented: Matt, Dom or Chris?: Although they're all very good at their instrument, I'd have to say Matt. Brilliant at guitar, piano, singing, composing music and writing lyrics. I think he branches out the most, out of all three members. He's multi-talented.

Have you ever met any of the band members?: I ALMOST DID. I TURNED AROUND AND WALKED HOME 15 MINUTES BEFORE THEY CAME OUT.

Who, when and where?: I'd love to meet all of them at some wild backstage party ;-)

Are you madly in love with any of the band members?: I used to be absolutely besotted with Matt, but I think that's faded to respectful appreciation now.

Are you madly in love with Tom Kirk?: Haha, he's awesome. KIRKY!

Do you have any claim to fame by knowing Muse-related people?: No. My grandad lives in Torquay, where I used to stay sometimes. And I went shopping in Dawlish. Muse played that infamous Battle of the Bands gig there before they were even 'Muse'. But that was years before I went there, or even knew about them.

Who?: What was the question again?

Do you have Matt, Dom or Chris' autograph?: No. I don't care for autographs. I'd rather have a photo with one (or all) of them.

What is your favourite Muse quote?: Quote? As in a lyric? Or something one of them has said? Uh... no idea.

Have you ever cried upon being in the presence of one of the band members?: I had tears in my eyes when they played Fury at the SEC.


What Muse gear (clothes etc) do you have?: The black shirt with 'MUSE' in orange writing, and the Australian tour dates on the back, and the black hoodie with the Knights of Cydonia horse in between 'MUSE' in purple writing. I used to have some badges, but I think I've lost pretty much all of them.

How many Muse posters do you have?: RIght now on my walls there are...6. There used to be more, but the time came to take them down.

What is your favourite photo of Muse?:  I think, maybe:

If you could ask Muse one thing, what would it be?: Who 'makes' the songs? Are they solely Matt's creations, or do Chris and Dom have any input into the composition?

What Knights of Cydonia character do you most relate to?: The downtrodden hero, lol.

Which piece of Muse's gear would you steal if given the chance?: Matt's purpley-blue Bomber Manson, without a doubt.
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